Talk To Us/Outcry

This is one of the most important parts of the blog to me.

This is the Outcry section.

We often times fail to ask the right questions or don’t give the right answers due to fear of judgment or the belief no one cares.

DIFB cares. Your problem is OUR problem and if there is a weight upon you, I NEED you to use this form below. As you can see, I have made the only field required your outcry. You can use an alias if you please and it will come to the blog directly, where I can answer via those means, but an e-mail address is preferred for the sake of a timely and direct answer.

If you wish not to use the form, you can also reach us at @doitforbrittany on Twitter or directly send an email to We will be working on other forms of social media to spread the cause and for you to reach us!

DIFB’s Promise to YOU

1. We do not discriminate based on race, creed, sex, religion, or any other factor. You are a person. A UNIQUE person with UNIQUE problems.

2. Your issue can be as private or as public as need be. That is up to you. We simply wish to help the best way we can. Find your comfort level in confiding in us; as long as you’re letting it out, we’re already on the correct path.

3. Sensitivity and thought will be put into anything discussed. We’re not a “one and done” solution. If you NEED to contact us multiple times if need be, we will do our best to accommodate that help you through; or at least get you in the direction of what can be done to help you further. It’s what we’re here for.


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